Testimonial: Relief from Ulcerative Colitis

One of the hardest things we face is having to watch those we love suffer, especially when we feel we can help relieve the suffering but they resist our help. Numerous times I have experienced this, and the times when I have succeeded in making a positive difference has inspired me to put myself out there and continue trying to help others.

One of my dearest friends and my professional mentor was one of those people. I watched Gus suffer through so much with his ulcerative colitis. I tried to “plant seeds” of education regarding natural approaches so as not to push him away by appearing “crazy,” begged him to consider a natural approach before resorting to surgery that he believed would cure him (because the doctors told him so), and continued to plant more seeds as the pain continued and he had to deal with the reality that surgery had not been the answer.


Gus and I (with a baby that is neither of ours) in 2009, shortly after he turned to natural methods and started feeling better.

The day Gus came to me and asked me to help him try to heal naturally I almost cried in happiness (but hid it of course and acted all calm and rational 🙂 ). I know how hard he had to work to change his habits. His father owned a restaurant and Gus had a love affair with the foods he prepared and ate. Tackling an entirely new way of eating was far from easy, but he was committed. The day when Gus told me he finally felt in control of his life and free from the pain…well, I don’t think I can put how I felt into words. But, I can share his words (while wiping away a tear of happiness from my eye):

“For over a decade, I’ve suffered from the effects of Ulcerative Colitis, a poorly understood disease that affects the colon.  UC is a complicated disease, because when your body is not digesting nutrients properly and disposing of waste correctly, it can impact so many other organs and systems other than just your large intestine.  It was as if I was healthy as an ox one day, and then completely falling apart the next day.  I had difficulty maintaining focus and was lethargic and irritable; bloated and crampy; achy from swollen joints;  sore from skin rashes; dehydrated and anemic…and that was on a good day.  At one time, I was on 14 different prescription medications and only getting worse.  Even after I had surgery to remove my colon, many of the symptoms continued.  I started to feel hopeless.

“While I initially resisted the idea that my diet had anything to do with the disease—mainly, because my doctors told me so—I eventually came around to the notion, in large part thanks to my conversations with Alicia.  Alicia helped me understand why my body seemed to be rebelling against me; why everything I put into my mouth seemed to come back to haunt me within a few hours.  How a small auto-immune reaction could trigger a series of consequential events within my body and how the events in one organ or system could impact another.  Alicia took the time to explain the inner workings of my digestive and immune systems, so that I could make informed decisions…something I wish my doctors would have done for me.  Alicia’s education and advice—along with some experimentation and discipline on my part—helped me develop a diet and exercise program that got me back on track.  I’ve had the symptoms under control for the past 3 years, and that has completely changed my outlook on life as well as my actual health.  I owe much of that to Alicia and her persistent nurturing.”

~Gus, Glenn Mills, PA


To learn more about the cleanse options, supplements, or essential oils I recommend, contact me using the form below or at alicia@healthytangents.com to request information or to schedule a wellness consultation.

Disclaimer: I am not a Physician. I am a wife, a mom, a certified health coach, and someone who loves learning about natural wellness tools and sharing with others the incredible things I learn through my classes, research, personal experiences, and the experiences of friends and family. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Rather, they are intended to support your body in its efforts to restore balance and maintain health.

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