Lessons Learned During My Hiatus: Overture

Our youngest daughter recently, happily pretending to play the piano like a pro

It has been awhile since I posted anything to this blog. That is because it became apparent to me in September that one of mydaughters was struggling with a health issue that was far bigger than what her 8-year-old brain had been able to communicate to my husband and I, and I knew any focus I could spare from the day-to-day responsibilities of caring for my four children and wonderful husband needed to be squarely aimed at helping her.

It was a hard decision. We had just invested in starting this business (www.healthytangents.com) which was very important to us, and I had built up some momentum. I had quite a few people interested in signing up for health coaching, and a few who were desperate for me to help them figure out how to live around newly diagnosed food allergies. But, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to help them if I was distracted and worried about our daughter. So, Craig and I made the decision to take a break and trust that if it was meant to be, it would all work out.

Getting to the right diagnoses was not easy, and the diagnoses seemed scary at first: non-obstructive sleep apnea and benign occipital epilepsy of childhood. However, I am happy to report that we have figured out how to help treat her conditions naturally through the use of essential oils and other natural therapies, without the need for pharmaceutical drugs…all WITH the support of her specialists. She has continued to successfully train and compete in gymnastics, and at this point is almost symptom-free.  We are so thankful that we knew how to work with her specialists to find the best solution for her, and to protect her quality of life.

For those of you who have patiently waited for my return to the blogoshphere, thank you! I appreciate it very much. Over the next few weeks I will share more of the story and our lessons learned. It is my hope that it will help inspire you as well, if and when you face a similar challenge with yourself or one of your children.


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