Are you sure it’s Lyme Disease? Part 2.

This is a follow-up post to Are you sure it’s Lyme Disease? Ask the right questions before starting antibiotics.

I received some fairly quick responses from my call in to our kids’ pediatrician. The doctor I had been working with to date was out of the office today, so her partner was given my questions. He was less than happy with my efforts to advocate for my daughter. He told the nurse to tell me something like this:

“You need to stop looking on the internet, because information to those uneducated enough to understand what it means just creates problems. You needed to start her on the antibiotics yesterday as instructed, but since you didn’t, do it now. It is a two part test, and both parts were done. We wouldn’t have prescribed the antibiotic if it weren’t safe. Leave the medical decisions to those of us who studied enough to make them.”

Well, OK then.

Even if I ignore the fact that she is my daughter, he is her doctor, and I pay for his SERVICE; even if I ignore the fact that there has been more than one time in my life that either I or one of my children would have become much sicker or possibly died had I NOT done my own research and advocated; even if I ignore the fact that they wouldn’t even have tested for Lyme if I hand’t suggested it; even if I ignored ALL of that…I pay for his service and still have the simple right as a parent or patient to ask questions.


We all do.

So, now that I distrusted his responses due to how obviously tainted by ego they were, I called the lab to confirm they ran both tests, and they did. I called the pharmacist to ask about whether the Doxycycline will be OK even if the Lyme is in my daughter’s kidneys or liver. She reassured me that this is the best antibiotic for Lyme, even if it has spread to the organs. The contraindication is more for kidney or liver disease. So, I decided to pick up the antibiotic to start today.

AND, now I am doing my research on how to best support my daughter’s healing while she is on the antibiotic. It seems I will at least rotate probiotics in with the antibiotic but on the off-time-cycle (antibiotics at 8am and 8pm, probiotics at 2pm and 2am), and I will be using essential oils that support proper immune function and help the body fight against threats like this.

I am also researching other local pediatricians so I can decide whether to switch offices, because I prefer someone I can partner with, rather than someone who feels he should be able to dictate to me according to his beliefs. Too bad I cannot guarantee that I will always see the partner. She was very considerate.

Please don’t settle when it comes to your childrens’ health. You deserve someone who will partner with you and who will respect you and your feelings/opinions.


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Disclaimer: I am not a Physician. I am a wife, a mom, a certified health coach, and someone who loves learning about natural wellness tools and sharing with others the incredible things I learn through my classes, research, personal experiences, and the experiences of friends and family. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Rather, they are intended to support your body in its efforts to restore balance and maintain health.

One thought on “Are you sure it’s Lyme Disease? Part 2.

  1. This is exactly why I hate to go to standard doctors. I prefer those who practice natural cures. But sometimes we have to to rely on these jerks and this is the treatment we get. Big egos, its a bunch of crap.

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