Romance Versus True Love

IMG_6999Like we wives often do, I sometimes find myself wishing my husband could be different…mostly I find myself wishing he could be more expressive and romantic. BUT, when I really look at all he’s given me, he IS expressive and romantic…just in his way…not in the way my childhood romance novels had programmed me to expect.

My husband is the person who saw through and then fought through the protective wall I built around my heart. He managed to get me to trust that he truly had unconditional love to offer (really he made me believe that there was even such a thing). 

I’m sure I have some really annoying habits. I think that once or twice in my life I have been stubborn, emotional, and maybe even impossible; but he is always there for me. He always forgives me. He always is there to hold me when I finally break down and admit that I am not feeling strong enough.

THAT is romantic.

My husband helps with everything around the house and goes above and beyond to try and ensure our family has everything we need.

THAT is how he expresses his love.

And, in reality, I think that is what true loves looks like.

I am thankful that my amazing husband made the choice to love me, the real me with all my brokenness and imperfections, and that he understood that real love is more about acceptance and commitment than excitement and romance. I will continue to work to love him in the same way until we are old and gray in our rocking chairs on the dock of our lake house.

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